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If you meet the Eligibility Criteria, please apply the next time we call for applications

Your application must include the following:

  • Short Cover Letter (Explaining who you are, and your interest in attending UWC)
  • A certified copy of your IGCSE/BGCSE results
  • A certified copy of your ID / Passport
  • 2 recommendation letters (at least one of which must be from a teacher)
  • A short essay (no longer than 600 words each) on one of the following topics:
  1. Prisoners should be allowed to vote in general elections. Agree or disagree. 
  2. Should Botswana legalise same-sex marriage? Explain.
  3. How can we promote a culture of recycling in Botswana?
  4. How would you address the issue of youth unemployment in Botswana?

Your application MUST include the following contact information:

  • Your full names;
  • Postal address;
  • Telephone number (plus alternate contact of PARENT / GUARDIAN); and
  • E-mail address


 If you are unable to apply online,send applications to :

The Chairman
United World Colleges - Botswana National Committee
PO Box 414


Email applications or questions to

We will not be accepting Applications for the 2020 intake and regret any inconvenience caused. Thank you for the interest.