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The following are some of the questions we often get during the application process.

Q. When is the application period?

A. Our application period is dependent on the release of the BGCSE and IGCSE results. Therefore, refer to our website and Facebook page for specific dates each year around January and February. We also use local media to invite for applications.

Q. At what ages can people apply?

A. Applicants must be between 16 and 18 years at the time of applying.

Q. Do I have to be a citizen of Botswana to apply?

A. The application is open to both citizens of Botswana and non-citizen residents of Botswana.

Q. Can I apply if I have already started university?

A. No. Applications are open to anyone who has completed their BGCSE/IGCSE or equivalent, but has not yet started their tertiary education.

Q. How do I send additional materials when applying online?

A. If applying online, please e-mail additional materials to us at: We hope to support document upload within the application form beginning the 2018/19 application season. 

Q. We notice that there are multiple essay prompts, to how many must we respond?

A. You need to only respond to one essay prompt for the application.

Q. How many scholarships are given each year?

A. The number of scholarships given vary from year to year.

Q. Does the scholarship extend to university as well?

A. The UWC Scholarship is only towards the cost of attending UWC and does not extend to post-UWC opportunities. However*, our alumni have gone on to secure scholarships to universities of their choices after UWC. *: We do not guarantee that an applicant will go on to secure a scholarship to a university of their choice after UWC.

Q. Does the UWC Scholarship cover travel, accommodation and monthly allowances?

A. The cost of travel, health insurance and monthly allowance is often the student's responsibility. Depending on the percentage of the scholarship, the student may be expected to pay part of the cost of attending a UWC school. 

Q. Where are the offices of the UWC Botswana National Committee?

A. The UWC Botswana National Committee is made up of volunteers and does not have a physical office space. However, feel free to send us an e-mail at If needed, we may be able to arrange a meeting.

Q. I have sent in my application, when will I hear back from the Committee?

A. Due the high number of applications we receive each year, we are unable to respond to all applicants. As such only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by the date given in the application announcement. 

Q. If I don't get shortlisted, is it possible to sponsor myself to go to a UWC College?

A. Some UWC colleges accept direct applicants. Please refer to their respective websites. Note that the National Committee cannot and will not assist with applicants who wish to apply directly to a UWC college.